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If you have been putting off a visit to the dentist due to commonly felt fears, our anxiety-free dentistry is precisely the solution for you. The latest in anaesthesia techniques combined with the gentle and attentive care you’ll receive at Sansaya will calm and relax you, making you entirely more confident for your dental visit.


This is the latest in anaesthesia techniques particularly for those who are scared of the injection, its associated pain and the uncomfortable feeling of being numbed for many hours after the dental work. The Wand is a anaesthetic delivery system specially designed for dentistry. It’s the first of its kind and best in its class. The computer-controlled delivery system regulates the flow of anaesthetic in a way that minimises the pain associated with the injection.

  • The system provides almost pain-free injections and permits the accurate numbing of only the required area. A single tooth can be numbed, allowing you to leave the clinic and carry out normal daily activities or return to work.
  • Patients are more satisfied with and prefer this innovative digital technique than the traditional injection.
  • Stress-free for the patient and for the dentist who can proceed confidently knowing that the patient is completely satisfied.
  • Patients are also more confident knowing that their dental practice has the latest technology.
  • Fast reacting, allowing the procedure to be commenced and therefore finished sooner.
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