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A body lift is often performed alongside liposuction especially around the buttocks and hip area, if required. The tension and elasticity of the skin vary greatly from one person to another so each case has to be assessed carefully. The procedure removes excessive amounts of skin from the body which can arise from excessive weight loss. There are different ways and options to tackle a body lift. As the name implies, the lower body lift focusses on the lower half of the body, the abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs. The upper body lift focusses on the upper arms, back, sides and sometimes breasts. The lateral body lift focuses entirely on the hip area.

One of our specialists is an expert in weight loss and body contorting and can discuss with you what is needed to get the best results depending on your body shape and reduction requirements. The recovery period varies from patient to patient but the outcome of this surgery is absolutely spectacular.

  • Surgery time 3 – 5 hours (depending on what areas are being worked on)
  • Hospital stay 1 – 2 nights (or more depending on the severity of the procedure)
  • Anaesthesia General or spinal block required
  • Time off work 2 – 4 weeks
  • Getting back to normal including being able to do sports: 6 – 12 weeks (full recovery from swelling can take several months or longer)
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