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Crowns and bridges are caps that cover the teeth to protect them or simply to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Due to their inherent strength and beauty, porcelain crowns and bridges make a great solution to covering teeth which have undergone root canal treatment, or teeth which are broken, decayed or damaged. Dental crowns are made up of either full porcelain (Emax) or a metal covered with porcelain (Zirconia). These caps are then fixed and bonded over the tooth or remaining tooth. They can last from 15 to 25 years as long as they are well maintained hygienically, followed up by the dentist and done with the highest standard of experience and quality of product. You will find all this and more at Sansaya.

Aesthetic Gum Contouring (Gummy Smile)

This cosmetic dental procedure levels imbalanced and uneven gum lines known as a “gummy smile”. Laser sculpting or contouring of the gums helps with teeth that appear too small or are unusually shaped as a result of the gum tissue which has grown over a large portion of the teeth, creating the illusion of small, crooked and oddly angled teeth. The gum contouring process removes all the extra gum tissue to lift the gum line and reveal more of the teeth. The results can instil a great deal of confidence, especially when laughing and smiling. At Sansaya, we use the latest laser sculpting method for faster healing and greater surgical precision.

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