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The inside thighs are one of the areas of the body where the skin is thinnest. This can easily result in hanging skin especially if a lot of weight has been lost or simply due to the ageing process. The hanging skin can create a distressing roll of fat which can lead to problems such as rubbing, often resulting in sores on the skin. By removing the excess skin and fat during surgery, a much more pleasing look to the inner thigh is achieved. A great feature of this procedure is that the scar can be hidden in the area where the upper thigh meets the groin.

  • Surgery time 1 – 2 hours
  • Hospital stay 1 day (unless this is done with another procedure)
  • Anaesthesia General
  • Time off work 1 week (unless this is done with another procedure)
  • Getting back to normal including being able to do sports: 4 – 6 weeks
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