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Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. More than 800,000 liposuctions are performed yearly in the USA alone. Although diet, exercise and flattering clothing help many to look better, others remain dissatisfied because of stubborn, unsightly bulges. In women, those fat deposits occur most frequently from the waist down, on hips, buttocks and outer thighs.

There are two kinds of liposuction procedures:


This procedure is designed for sculpting a person who is of a normal weight or slightly overweight. Such people often have distinct areas of localised fat that are disproportionate to the rest of their bodies. Liposculpture can be done with local anaesthesia with or without sedation and is limited to removing one to three litres of fat. After the procedure, a garment must be used for two weeks for best results. Technically this procedure is very challenging because the patient expects perfect results. It is far better to take out slightly less than what is needed than more, since taking more can result in a depression that is hard to correct. Those opting for this procedure must have realistic expectations and must continue to watch their weight afterwards.

De-bulking liposuction surgery

Here the aim is to improve the shape of an overweight person. The procedure is frequently done using spinal anaesthesia with or without sedation. A maximum of 5-8 liters should be taken at any given session using a tumescent technique whereby at least an equal amount of fluids are injected in the areas to be suctioned to minimise bleeding, bruising and post-operative pain.

Essential Facts

  • Surgery time 2 - 3 hours (depending on the area of the body)
  • Hospital stay 1 day or 1 night (depending on the severity of the case)
  • Anaesthesia General
  • Time off work 2 - 3 days
  • Getting back to normal including being able to do sports: 2 - 4 weeks
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