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At Sansaya, all our mouth guards are individually made to fit your teeth structure precisely, providing you with the highest levels of protection and comfort. We offer the following custom-made mouth guards all produced at our laboratory:


Sports mouth guards protect your teeth from accidents such as bumps and severe blows to the face and head. Sports mouth guards are typically worn over the upper line of teeth and are available in different types and colours.


Night guards and splints are plastic mouthpieces that fit over the upper and/or lower teeth. They are used to avoid the collision of the upper and lower teeth, decreasing the drawbacks of clenching and grinding the teeth. Furthermore, they help correcting the bite by positioning the teeth in the most organised manner and least traumatic position. Splints are worn all the time, while night guards are worn whilst sleeping. Each patient is recommended to wear a certain type of plastic mouthpiece in regards to his/her medical case.

Mouth guards wear down over time and become less effective, therefore they should be changed approximately once a year, depending upon frequency of use. Periodic replacement of mouth guards is also especially important for adolescents as they experience teeth growth and development right the way through to adulthood.

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