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To achieve that pearly white smile you’ve always wanted we recommend the following whitening techniques:


The in-office whitening technique which is administered at Sansaya is fastest way to achieve the results you desire. The whole procedure takes approximately one hour. Our dentists will protect all the soft tissue in your mouth as well as your cracked and eroded teeth to avoid sensitivity during and after the procedure. The technique has been in the market for many years and with no adverse effects being reported it is completely safe.


The home tray technique is perfect for maintaining the whiteness after an in-office treatment or to whiten your teeth gradually. All the whiteners available at Sansaya contain fluoride which helps to control the sensitivity associated with whitening and promotes enamel repair if needed. Our dentists do not recommend buying over-the-counter whitening products as most of them have a high acid concentration that can cause sensitivity and irreversible damage to the soft tissue and gums. To enjoy the optimum result and safety, use only the products recommended by a specialist. For those insisting on organic ingredients, we have a selected range of products.

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